Friday, July 11, 2008


I am sooo excited to be here. Huge smiles and hugs were wonderfully received. And then BODYPUMP! How did I know. I loved doing BODYPUMP in Texas with J too. Off we went to earn our dinner and wine. Guess what I get to go again on Sunday. Hooray!! Leave it to J to give me the exercise that I've needed and make me feel good about the pain. Ha. Her spaghetti was hailed as the "best ever tasted". We laughed about old stories and started new ones last night by going to Jeremiah's Italian Ice. Not Antonio's, not Luigi's but Jeremiah's! We commented on that name as we drove into town and then that's exactly where we went for dessert. A good end to a good beginning. I love the T's.


Kate said...

Talk about not letting the dust catch up to you. When I went home Wed. nite, I had no idea you were leaving the next morning. I would have at least said bye, come back soon or somethin' like that. I surely did enjoy seeing the 3 of you. Abi grows more beautiful and Nate just seems to grow and grow and...He was always a cutie.

Take good care of you all while you're gone. Guess you won't be by next summer. By the way, don't be too hard on your mom, you don't live under her muscles or in her skin. If the lassitude continues , make her search for something else that might be exacerabated by the physical activity. If that doesn't work, dare I mentioned deeper depression. Any way take care on your travels and know that we love you. Kate

Nana said...

Meryl, sounds like you are having a wondeerful time !! Say hello to the Tates. We are at Ashbys. Sallie made the Spinach Roll and the angel food cake. Judi 's luncheon was delightful 5 funny czrds and a beautiful yellow flower. love, Mother