Thursday, September 25, 2008

Flowers, Trees & Dog

Nothing special occurring. Our family is adjusting. The dogs enjoy the back patio, the flowers are blooming and the view is still outstanding. The Lord provides for so many things that we take for granted. I walk the dogs after I walk AAM to school. We try to eat on the patio every evening to enjoy the sunset and weather. It is a time of family and relaxation. I'm sure that things will start to get very busy as the Christmas time approaches. This first weekend in October is the Rosario celebration in Rota and we're going to the coronation and parade. I've been told there is winter weather and winds soon.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Las Tinajas

We have found some good places to eat in the surrounding towns of Rota, Cadiz and Puerto. This is a new favorite venta (roadside restaurant). We had the favorite bruchette de la casa and the girls liked the bruchette de pollo, potata fritas and camerones. We have made some good friends that like to join us too. Food and smiles.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Zoologica in Jerez

Amazing!!!! The pens are small but that allowed us to get up close and personal. The baboon did not like NJM and charged the plexiglass, which made me think 'ummm how old is that glass and will it hold?'. The hippo yawned, the baboon charged, we fed the elefante, watched the giraffes eat onions, the lions roared, the wolf snarled at Bill and the tigers paced and growled. What a great day! Thanks to our TomTom helping us find the zoo. Going at 5 pm was the time to go, every animal was up and moving. This will become a regular visiting spot for us. Enjoy the pictures...

First Day of School

Well, everyone is off and running. School started in Spain at DGF, UVa and VMI in Virginia. I have no pictures of M for her first day as a 4th year at UVa, but I'll remedy that when I return for Parents' Weekend in October. A loves Mr. Jayo, her homeroom teacher in her 6th grade class. It's her last year in Elementary School and she is class sharing like in Virginia. She's also loving Swim Team. Our first meet was a huge success. She won two of her heats.
It's been a big adjustment for N, 36 in the sophomore class. He says 'that was the number in his history class last year'. Band is a little disappointing, so he is trying to find another class out in Rota or Cadiz to supplement. He is in a neigborhood band that may have some gigs this year. We're trying to get him to play with the singers at church, they need the beat. He is also on the Swim Team: Rota Tiburones. He placed 2nd, in his age group, at the last meet! The 6 am practices are a struggle for him to enjoy/attend. We travel to Lakenheath England Sept 25-28 to compete, oh and sightsee too! London here we come! There is a Rock 'n Roll bus tour, perhaps some Beatles stops. C is loving VMI (go figure), his picture is from New Market (another Mom took, thanks). The cadets/rats travel to re-inact the charge at New Market during the Civil War where VMI was involved as a college. The Rats also read the VMI Pledge as a class. MLM met him there for the day and said it was awesome. He likes his classes and is a Modern Languages major. M is in her 4th year at UVa, finishing up her Art History Major and working toward her Major & Masters in Education. Two 4th year students, M a "senior 4th year" and C a "Rat 4th class". B and M are enjoying the neighbors, food, beaches, work and the back patio view.