Monday, July 14, 2008

Leaving Florida

We are on our way back to Virginia. We were busy bees in Orlando. Bodypump as I hit the door, Pio Pio for dinner near International Drive, the Sling Shot (E and N), the high Swings, Disney Quest, New Smyrna Beach, JB's for steamed shrimp, swimming in the pool, cards and the dog party at the local school. Lots to do here and friends to do it with. We laughed with each other. E and N are the card sharks of Spades their Dads' dream about. Hearts was good too but again N won. J and I will have to redeem ourselves next visit. A and J were inseparable which was a pleasure to see. The highlight I think for us all was the Pirates ride at Disney Quest... we are King of the Seas. Next time we'll strive for more excitement. Friendship makes everything better. We could have sat home and "visited" all weekend and everything would have been great too. Thanks Florida friends for love, laughter and open arms during our transition to Spain. It's easier to leave having been so unconditionally loved but all the more difficult too. We will anticipate great things when we return.

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