Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Swim Meet in Naples Italy

N, A and I went to the Naples Divisional Swim Meet this weekend. We also drove past the Colosseo, Nate plugged it into our Tom-Tom and Tim led us straight there. The colosseum never ceases to be fantastic. We'll do the Rome trip another time. We had gelatos and bought water then off we went to Naples. 2 hours later and many driving experiences we arrived at the Naples Capo Inn Lodge, on a Navy base next to the Naples Airport. We checked in and were off for Pompei, pictures to be added when I get them. My camera went home with M (she used it for her Florence trip). Pompei is amazing! They were such an advanced and large city for that time period in Rome. The plaster casts of dogs, people and preserved buildings just leave you speechless. We ate at the little italian lunch place by the parking lot, cappuccinos were yummy. Nate has given up on spaghetti in Italy, my recipe rocks, thanks to Joanne. The A1 highway in Italy is smooth & fast, every lane has a different speed limit, lanes are just suggestions and high beams and horns are the cue to MOVE out of the way. We went to the Applebees at the Navy Support portion of the base, every night. We sometimes miss that American food. I had a salad both nights. N and his friend CB used the shuttle to get to the support base and meet up with some girls for NEX shopping and Valkyrie movie. A and N swam great! N improved his times on all 3 events. A came down with a high fever Sun night after the meet but recovered to get on the plane the next a.m.. We left Mon at 5 a.m. for the Fumicino Airport - gelatos and cappucino at the airport then flew home. It was a fun but quick trip. We learn more each travel experience.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Years Eve and New Years Day 2009

We had families of friends fill our home on New Years Eve. Cards, food, Guitar Hero and other games were enjoyed by all. We ate grapes for each of the twelve bongs to end the old year and to celebrate the coming of the new (Spanish tradition). We also met friends at El Quinto Pino for some food and friendship to bring in the New Year too. We are blessed by many smiles here in Spain. I must thank my cousin Victor for all the wonderful photos he took while visiting. My camera skills went on vacation when he arrived. He saved the day. Thanks VGH!

Touring Gibraltar, Cadiz and Jerez Zoo

We went to Cadiz for churros con chocolate & castillos, Gibraltar for the Rock, Apes, and fish & chips and the Jerez Zoo for the giraffe and elephant. We never got tired of each other and fun was had by all! We wore our red purses, pashminas, Navy gear and smiles with pride! We had to climb the jungle gym too, lest we forget our childhood. We would love for all our friends and family to come for some Spanish touring and hospitality at our home. Life is at it's best when we share our events with the ones in our hearts.

Christmas 2008 what fun!!

We had a full house! V, my cousin, came for a visit and toured the area before and after Christmas. BG came and did the same as well. We opened gifts, visited Spanish friends, toured the areas again and had a New Years Eve party too. I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas will my home full of those whom I love. God is Good!!! We were given some of our favorite things; red purses, jackets and wallets, Adidas tennis shoes, books, a glass giraffe, a skateboard, ipods, knifes, plaid socks, bull towels, baseball caps, coffee mugs, books, hotwheel cars, magic books, Bond movies, guitar hero II, slingbox TV just to name a few. Our days were jam packed with activity and illness too. All 4 children went to the ER and recovered. We just kept going like energizer bunnies....

Spanish Cooking Class in November

We had fun learning Spanish recipes in the kitchen of La Almudraba in Rota. The chef was wonderful, Jose translated, we watched & helped while drinking cafe con leche or tinto verano and then dined on our tortillas, aranque, cerdo adoba and pimientos fritos. This class was set up by our base ICR (inter-cultural relations). There were many new people that I enjoyed meeting. Marva and I had a great time but it was a long time standing. It was great to get off the base; dine and learn experiences are always a favorite of mine. I still need to learn to cook some more entres. I have another 2 years to learn.