Monday, July 28, 2008

Corrida de Rejones

Bullfight upon horseback. WOW!! What a show. I was prepared for the worst but it was fabulous. I looked away for the killing of the bull and the dragging him away. The horses and riders were marvelous. One horse even tried to bite the bull. Every time the horse tried the arena yelled "ole!". We were front row and had Juan Carlos Ferris telling us all about the traditions and meanings to the ceremony. We had a terrific evening. The bullfights started at 11 pm, 6 bulls, 24 horses and 3 bullfighters on horseback. Brave (valiente) bulls and boring (cowardly) bulls. You wave a white handkerchief or your newspaper to let the Presidente of the Plaza de torros if the fighter should get 1 ear, 2 ears or the tail. We saw one 2 ear fight but the rest were 1 ear. The picture of the bullfigher is Leonardo Hernandez, he is 20 years old and has been doing this for 3 years already. Amazing. I would go again. Not sure that A would enjoy it yet, perhaps when she is leaving Espana in 3 years. I cannot wait for M and C to arrive. There will be horse racing on the beach in Sanlucar. We hope to go to Morocco, Gibraltar and Arcos for day trip touring.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cadiz by the sea

This town has been here since the Phoenicians! We loved walking around and feeling like we were in a European Villa. The Cathedral, castles, mercados... it was beautiful. Spent the day browsing through narrow streets looking at little market places and shops; practicing our Castillano. We sat at little sidewalk restaurante in the plaza and had churros con chocolate, the chocolate was like Plan B's chocolate gravy and jugo de oranja and cafe. Then for almuerzo we ordered a plate of 12 small sandwiches which were delicious. We had to guess as to what each was. What fun! I really like the tinto de verano... pour some red wine into a glass over ice and add 7up... yummy. I signed up for a "flex partner" - I help her learn English while she will help me learn Spanish. I can't wait. We're improving every day. A is loving it here. Isabel is her newest friend from Jams (the low level building among my pictures). She goes on a field trip tomorrow to the mall in Sevilla with the teens. She is taking her new shades, purse with euros and dialect with her. She's so bold but doesn't know the language at all. A riot! I think she will have a great time living here. We have our last day of ICR classes to help us to understand our move here and the country. Rosa Caballero is our teacher and she is terrific, muy bueno.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tour of Rota

We had a terrific time touring Rota Spain today. We went to the Pescaderia (fish market) A is looking at the local snails, Gypsy Market - we bought acietunas con ajo (garlic olives), toured the Castle (the town hall), saw the beach and discotecas in Rota. Look forward to showing all of you the area too. We ate some great sweets and had a traditional lunch, pescadora, arroz, papa fritas y tinto de verano (cheap 3 euros red wine with lemon soda). Yummy. We are on the Spaniards time schedule of eating light breakfast, huge lunch between 2-5 pm and then light dinner, tapas, around 10-11:30 pm As they say when in Rome. We learned about the culture, conquerors and what to say and not to say. Fun and educational. N is debating going to Spanish school in Rota. I think he'd love it and be fluent by next fall. This year would be a challenge. A is only interested in Jams, our local youth hang out, and going to the American DOD school in our housing area, Las Palmeras. I'm including a picture of N with nuestros perros de los gordos, in our backyard. I'll get a picture of Jams and A's school next go around. Don't know what to do with our plain yellow and white house to warm it up. Any suggestions ladies. I'll include a picture of the windows. Our house echoes echoes, tile on floors through out and in bathrooms. Love it though.
Vienen visitar por favor.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Made it to Spain

We're here safe, tired and travel warriors. The cat and I got searched at the security in Virginia and Madrid. He scared everyone. I had to patted down at both airports with my implant. N got over is nervousness to fly and had the window seat the last leg of our journey. The flights were smooth and no smelly seat mates. We arrived and had a meal brought to us from B's Master Chief and his wife. Very nice! Our dogs are wonderful and sooo fat. What have they been eating, Spanish everything. They are on strict diets. We hit the commissary and exchange two days in a row. Still need varios things. Church was good today, we were introduced, no more anonymity. We were invited to a bbq at the Smith's our next door neighbors tonight. What nice folks and great food. Then we went riding on the beach at 9 pm. That was a riot-- B holding on, N a noodle on horseback, Luis es muy guapo, our instructor, A is all smiles and I got on and off by myself, hip and all did fine. Hooray for modern medicine. Tomorrow we start our indoc classes and field trips to understand Rota a little bit. A groans about it and so does N but I think we'll learn and will still have time to do things afterward. Everything here goes late into the evening. Computer is working in spurts; help is on it's way. Phone- I hope is be up this week. I can't wait to take a picture to post. Camera is charging. Until then, Love to all. Spain rocks.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Leaving Virginia Beach

We've had a great couple of days at the beach. Walking the boardwalk, riding tandem bikes, swimming in the surf. N and A saw friends and were farewelled. D Forehand and I dropped off the car - which could have been better organized and quicker. Ah the Navy way slow and full of paperwork. C is off for one more ihop breakfast with friends. BR (FD16) came over last night for Jungle Golf. The Boughers came to the boardwalk to see us off and give us some hugs. J and D Gatling made yummy burgers, fruit salad and blackberry cobbler for dinner last night. Nothing like homemade food after being on the road. I can see the mixed emotions on everyone's sleeve this a.m. I have them churning around in my heart too. Leaving friends, familiar surroundings and family that we won't see for a long time. The Navy grows us, changes our lives AND I trust the Lord to keep our breaking hearts together. We love those who we are with, we cherish those far away and we look forward to the new friends we will know.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Leaving Florida

We are on our way back to Virginia. We were busy bees in Orlando. Bodypump as I hit the door, Pio Pio for dinner near International Drive, the Sling Shot (E and N), the high Swings, Disney Quest, New Smyrna Beach, JB's for steamed shrimp, swimming in the pool, cards and the dog party at the local school. Lots to do here and friends to do it with. We laughed with each other. E and N are the card sharks of Spades their Dads' dream about. Hearts was good too but again N won. J and I will have to redeem ourselves next visit. A and J were inseparable which was a pleasure to see. The highlight I think for us all was the Pirates ride at Disney Quest... we are King of the Seas. Next time we'll strive for more excitement. Friendship makes everything better. We could have sat home and "visited" all weekend and everything would have been great too. Thanks Florida friends for love, laughter and open arms during our transition to Spain. It's easier to leave having been so unconditionally loved but all the more difficult too. We will anticipate great things when we return.

Friday, July 11, 2008


I am sooo excited to be here. Huge smiles and hugs were wonderfully received. And then BODYPUMP! How did I know. I loved doing BODYPUMP in Texas with J too. Off we went to earn our dinner and wine. Guess what I get to go again on Sunday. Hooray!! Leave it to J to give me the exercise that I've needed and make me feel good about the pain. Ha. Her spaghetti was hailed as the "best ever tasted". We laughed about old stories and started new ones last night by going to Jeremiah's Italian Ice. Not Antonio's, not Luigi's but Jeremiah's! We commented on that name as we drove into town and then that's exactly where we went for dessert. A good end to a good beginning. I love the T's.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

visiting Florida

I love reading in the backyard at L's. It's so relaxing. I feel calm and peaceful watching the birds and listening to the fish flop in the water. Sometimes there are turtles to see. I love swinging and being in the Lord's world alone in the morning.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Well we played some Spades last night. It was heated. It was loud. It was fun. MR 'n N vs. J 'n Me... we all wanted to win. I kept bidding 4 and N bid Nil too many times. Lots of laughing. AAM watched movies and L was studying. Tonight we hope to play some Hotrum.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Doctor's Lake

We went out on Doctor's Lake in the H boat. JW did flips, LH got up for the first time on a wakeboard, A had fun. N had to overcome his fear of gators, real and imagined. Lots of fun watching in the sun.


Well, I'm new at this! L got me hooked and I hope I can keep my writings up. We are in our interim stage of moving from Virginia Beach to Jerez Spain. Not sure what is waiting for us but we're expecting the best. Florida was a long drive in the rain but the wagon did great. Room enough for 3 and we enjoyed the ride. Movies and music ala Nate. He was in charge of the IPOD, go figure. We're now enjoying the Florida friends, cards and movies. B, Kona and Maui are waiting for us at Huelva Circle. Auto is still visiting with Aunt Ann & Uncle Ed in Virginia Beach until we fly out for Spain.