Wednesday, October 15, 2008

VMI Parents Weekend 2008

I had a terrific time with CAM at VMI! He is happy and succeeding as a Brother Rat. His year has gone on with much training, drilling, yelling and education. His classes are small and he gets much individual attention from his professors. I met many of his fellow rats and his dyke, who is a 1st class. They were all so very polite and seemed to actually like us parents. I met his other family from Virginia Beach who take care of him when we're not around for VMI events. T and John have been very kind and generous to C. They were a pleasure to be with at both pre-game and post-game tailgating. Their son has the same dyke as C. J is pictured with Clay in front of the tailgate tent and VMI banners; their big brother, D is between them. I met a bunch of parents too who were proud of their Keydet sons. What a great time the 3 days were. MLM and her friends came up for the football game and were glad they attend UVa. We won the football game which is a mixed blessing as a Rat because they have to do push ups for every point. The Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains were fabulous to be in at the turning of the leaves, my fav time in Virginia. I'm already planning our adventure next year when C is a 3rd Class and a true part of the Core. Go Keydets!

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hes my dyke. not big brother.