Sunday, October 19, 2008

Flocked (Relay for Life), San Lucar outing

Well, it's been a busy week since I returned from Virginia. I've included photos of our grilled chocos (squid) and the favorite of the region the tortillas camarones (shrimp crisps). We were at a San Lucar venta called Casa Balbino on the square in San Lucar. It was a beautiful setting, the tortillas were delicious, and I can pass on the grilled chocos next time. The Relay for Life group is sending around a flock of pink flamingos!!! You get flocked at night and then as a fund raiser pay to remove the flock, send the flock to another address and pay insurance not to have the flock return. It was great fun having the flock to visit. What a great idea and fun too. We hope the flock returns! The picture of the blue tahoe shows why I sold our big blue suburban! We were up on the curb, pinned next to the tree and it took KG 15 minutes to find a suitable spot and then another 10 min to finagle or finesse her large American truck into the parking spot. It was worth a chuckle or two. We are continuing to enjoy our new friends, finding out how American we are and being treated so kindly by the Spanish. Hasta luego mi amigos y familia.

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