Friday, August 1, 2008

Urta Festival

We went to our first feria (fair) last night. We parked at the Rota gate and walked 10 min into the old town portion of Rota. The streets at the beach front were lined with rides and food just like in the USA. We bought some food from the vendors. AAM rode the Dragon ride and grabbed a balloon from the "carni". She laughed and loved the little ride. We arrived as guests to see the flags raised and the festival begin. Then we walked to the castillo for tapas (appetizers, pupus) and bebidas (drinks) inside the castillo, which is the town hall. Very much fun. Carlos and Brenda are our Spanish escorts to explain all the happenings and translate for us if needed. I need a lot right now but B is doing great! NJM pleases everyone once they realize he speaks Spanish. They fuss over blond little AAM and are truly hospitable people. I love being here already. Out in Spain I'm myself, here on base I'm beginning to feel a bubble life. As people begin to know who I am; I'm feeling special, feared, different than everyone else. It comes with B's job but not the best side of it to me. N and A start Rota swim club tonight. The team travels all over Europe. I can't wait to be a supporter. Tonight B and I attend Admiral Peyune's for a dinner to meet me. He is the Spanish Admiral that lives on the base. Our household goods ship has arrived, so now we wait to see how long it will take them to get our containers off-loaded and at our door. Then some work truly begins for us, but our house will become a home! Nathan seems to be enjoying the flintstone furniture just fine while listening to his ipod. Hasta luego

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Riss said...

It will be okay. You're not the fearable type, you know...
You're the so-friendly-I-forgot-who-she-really-was type! It will get better, I promise - some people are just silly and place a lot of importance on status. And anyhow, those are not the people you like to be friends with anyway.
Hey, but pop Dad's big head bubble every now and then for me, will ya?
love you!