Saturday, August 9, 2008

Moving in... at birthday time

Well, the furniture arrived just at we were celebrating birthdays. I had a Tirimisu from Carreforre. B had a German Chocolate cake from home. We received great gifts and smiled a lot. Now we are up to our eyeballs in boxes. Brick & stucco walls are frustrating me..... I want to hang pictures! I need closet space. I need more utility in the kitchen cupboards. I need carpets. When the 'needs' get to me, I pour a tinto verano con limon and walk outside to look at the ocean, Cadiz, Rota and Puerto castillos and life balances again. God is good and he supplies me with the energy and joy to go on. And I cannot wait for 2 days until M and C come home for a visit! That will be the highlight of my summer. FAMILIA IS IT!


Liz said...

I didn't realize Bill's Bd was around yours. Tell him I said Happy Birthday and I am so glad he was born. You both look great and very happy. I think Spain agees with both of you. Of course the kids are adorable as always. I am so excited for you that you will have your family all together in one place, even if only for a while. I know how important that is. I love and miss you guys.

SAM said...

Cute bedspread on the bottom bunk. Looks like a lot boxes to unpack! Too bad I can't come out to help. XO

SAM said...

Looks like a lot of boxes to unpack. Too bad I can't come out to help. Cute bedspread on the bottom bunk. XO. S