Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May Days

Well, Mother's Day has past. I still miss my Mom, probably always will. I cherish the memories and like retelling stories so that her grandchildren will know her too. Sunflowers are budding. Spring is passing. A another new beginning. Summer is approaching. My children are beginning to come home for the summer. I feel a little like Henny Penny, clucking to all her children. I'm so glad the house will be full. It will be crazy; sharing the space in our home of arches with 6 people will be an adventure. One is preparing to be off on her own, one is figuring out what he wants to do, really wants to do. One is looking at colleges, he only wants West Coast, what' a mother to do. I went to both coasts but ended up a ucla. The youngest is enjoying dancing and swimming! The simple things in life. Enjoy being young we tell her as she wants to be big like the others. Another Summer in Espana. I have a new hip and will be moving well. We'll try to see more cities that haven't been explored and as visitors come we'll do the repeat ones. Finding new things to do isn't hard, but finding the time & room is. Oh! the room in our little car or lack therein. Oh, how do I miss our big blue suburban... sorry but Blue held everyone and everything with no complaints. The silver bullet works for here but we're squished. Looking forward to some States traveling this summer again. NY, FL, VA and CA. Hope to reconnect with friends and make new ones. Families are coming and going out of Spain ~ tis the season of moves... We have another year to enjoy living in one place. We will miss the movers and welcome the movees. The Navy grows our friendships every year, we've even expanded to making Air Force friends, what now!

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