Saturday, May 23, 2009

A new beginning

Life is going along. It is different now. I am different now, whether it is recognizable or not. I appreciate the "little" things more. People are the most important asset we have. You can never say, I love you enough; nor let others know that you care about them on a daily basis yea minute by minute basis. I hope I am a better person today than I was April 1, 2009. I am more determined each day to make my life an example of how to love others. I don't know how exactly I'll succeed but that will be between me and God to judge my succeeding. I want to thank all my friends and family and families of friends for their enduring support and love that they've shown to me and my family!!! There are no words to express some of what the heart feels during the hard times. Sometimes it can only be expressed in tears, hugs, kisses and silent prayers. I am amazed at the grace and mercy in our daily lives. M is a graduate of UVA. C is succeeding at VMI. N is doing so well in high school. A is growing up and becoming a 7th grader. They are all so different and each so wonderful. I love their smiles and chuckle silently at their spats with each other. We are all adjusting to being together this summer, perhaps our last as MLM starts out on her own. I hope and pray that I can rise to the challenges of our ever changing lives. We are all working at various jobs and that is a first too. The ever fluctuating life is an "interesting" thing to watch when we can step outside of ourselves. What we believe, the places we go and the things we do mold us and we have the freewill to become who we want to be. I'm pledging to become a more loving individual in anyway I can. I hope that my actions will show my heart more than my mind. Each day is a new gift ~ I want to make others feel that too.

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